The City has completed the transition to the new utility billing software.

Utility Billing will be resuming normal billing practices with bills due in May 2019. Please refer to the back of your utility bill for more information on our billing practices.

For more information, please visit us at or by phone at 806-378-3030.

Good Reads

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GrandLoving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren

Incorporating advice from more than 350 families nationwide, this guide offers specific tips for bonding with grandchildren, from babies to teens.

The Greatest Baseball Stories Ever Told

The perfect book for the lover of baseball.

Words to Ride By

Collected thoughts from inventors, travelers and thinkers about riding a bicycle.

Old Man on a Bicycle

While not a new book, this is a poignant look at beating the odds and many misconceptions about aging. 

Senior Nutrition - 10 Secrets & Advice for Healthy Eating...

“The secret to the easiest, simplest, safest and most cost-effective way of staying in shape as you grow old lies behind the adaptation of a healthy and sound nutrition."

Midlife: A Philosophical Guide

“Up till now, life has seemed an endless upward slope, with nothing but the distant horizon in view. Now suddenly I seem to have reached the crest of the hill, and there stretching ahead is the downward slope with the end of the road in sight.” – Elliott Jaques

The Longevity Prescription: The 8 Proven Keys to a Long, Healthy Life

“A good marriage at fifty-not a low cholesterol level at that age-is a better predictor of good health at eighty.” - Robert N. Butler M.D.

Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Harvard Study of Adult Development

In a unique series of studies, Harvard University has followed 824 subjects from their teens to old age. Professor George Vaillant now uses these to illustrate the surprising factors involved in reaching happy, healthy old age.

Wise Eyes, Fresh Eyes

"Chip Conley, one of the execs behind Airbnb’s rise, is on a quest to help people restart their careers—and end the office generation gap as we know it. Step one: Stop thinking in terms of “old people” and “young people.”